Dark Reign: The Young Avengers

Young Avengers
Featured in:  Dark Reign Young Avengers #1-5
Nature of Conflict:
The Young Avengers, a super hero team consisting of Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye, Stature, Vision and Speed, have been challenged for the mantle of Young Avengers by another group of would-be super heroes consisting of Melter, Executioner, Enchantress, Big Zero, Egghead and Coat of Arms.  Apparently, this second group of Young Avengers was spurred into existence after an encounter between Coat of Arms and Norman Osborn when both visited Cowley Fabrications, a company that helps create costumes and gimmicks for vigilante-types.  Coat of Arms happened to be a great admirer of Norman Osborn, more specifically the Green Goblin, from an artistic perspective.  She pointed out the detail in his costume, the intellectual depth, and emotional content within his Green Goblin persona had inspired her own artwork.  As it turned out, Osborn was aware of her artwork and was rather impressed by it, he told her that she had 'great insight into the superheroic condition' (wait...come again?).   Norman then gave her his business card (he later mentioned in a conversation with Loki that his business cards spread nanocameras that gradually infest any building...so beware), after which Coat of Arms decided to show him some of her artwork.  

She showed Norman a triptych (a three panel painting) that recreated the Goblin's murder of Gwen Stacy and this made Norman angry so he threatened the young artist.   His threats inspired Coat of Arms to get 'closer to her work' so she formed this new group of Young Avengers, which commenced superhero activity.  After the real Young Avengers found this new group unworthy of joining their team, the dejected group contacted Norman Osborn and his Avengers in order to teach Patriot and his team a lesson.  Osborn, as the Iron Patriot, with his team by his side confronted Patriot and told him that he (Norman) would decide who is Avenger and who is not.  Patriot and his team refused to accept the Iron Patriot's demand and a battle broke out.  Patriot attacked the Iron Patriot (kind of confusing...) and was able to knock him down, refusing to show a sign of weakness, Osborn summoned the Sentry to join the melee.  Unfortunately for Norman, the Young Avengers were able to subdue the Sentry rather quickly as well.  Osborn, however, refused to concede defeat to the young team, telling them that this battle 'didn't count'.  

Resolution of Conflict:
Osborn and his team got best-ed yet again, however, he would not let the Young Avengers believe they had gotten to him.  His exact words, "This wasn't part of Avengers history.  Nobody will ever hear of it.  It doesn't count."  Wow...a real sore loser.  Osborn and his team did not meet the Young Avengers again during his reign, it would be assumed that the Young Avengers were on his shit list.

Highlights/Interesting Facts:
First, Coat of Arms' triptych that she painted for Osborn entitled Pop Crackle Snap.  This was pure genius, reusing the Rice Krispies treat slogan with the infamous 'snap' panel from Gwen Stacy's death, a definite highlight throughout Dark Reign.  Osborn's reaction was priceless as well.  

Coat of Arms later had a dream that involved her hero/inspiration, the Green Goblin...no need to say anything else here...

Who is this lackey hanging around Norman?  He needed a name, I still have no idea who he is.

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