Therapy Sessions

No one can deny the large amount of stress that both Norman and Peter have endured due to the other's existence.  Every now and again its good to let that stress vent instead of keeping it bottled up, so how do Peter and Norman find ways to de-stress...check out the following two sets of panels. 

The first set of panels is from Thunderbolts #124 after Norman was confronted by a group of Skrulls, each posing as a differently outfitted Spider-Man.  Norman greets them warmly, and by warmly I mean with some warm round of gunfire as he slaughters the group in seconds.  Norman's response after doing so...'That was surprisingly therapeutic.'

The second set of panels is from New Avengers #57 when Spider-Man managed to get the drop on the Norman (as the Iron Patriot) and sends him crashing into the side of building.  Peter's response after doing so...'That was very therapeutic.'

You see, great minds do think alike.