The Goblin's Arsenal

The Green Goblin is easily one of the deadliest villains Spider-Man has ever faced.  One of the main reasons why he's so deadly (besides the fact that he's pretty darn crazy) is because of the fact that he's got a number of ways to kill his enemies.  The following is a comprehensive list of all the weapons the Green Goblin has used over the years, in other words, that which gives him his 'peerless powers'.  

Norman's weapons as the Iron Patriot will be the subject of a separate list.

1.  The Electro-Blast Gloves (aka The Goblin Sparks aka The Goblin Blast aka The Sparkler Spray)
The electro-blast gloves made their debut on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #14 in which they looked like a flame emanating from the Goblin's hand.

In this panel from Amazing Spider-Man #14 the more familiar form of the weapon is displayed, that of electrical sparks.

Below, in Amazing Spider-Man #17, the Green Goblin himself refers to the weapon as Goblin Sparks and they appear to be activated by a switch on his belt.

In Untold Tales of Spider-Man #25 Norman showed that he not only uses the Electro Sparks when he's the Green Goblin.  Apparently the Goblin Sparks are sleek enough that he can wear them in his civvies. 

Below we see Norman refer to it as the 'Goblin Blast' (Amazing Spider-Man #40)

Goblin Blast here as well (Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2)

Just when it appeared that the Goblin Sparks and Goblin Blast may be two different weapons, the Goblin hits Spidey with what he calls his 'Sparkler Spray'...which is kinda of a hybrid of the two aforementioned names.  (Amazing Spider-Man #97)

After Norman returned from his European exile he continued to use this powerful weapon against Spidey.  (Peter Parker Spider-Man #75)

More recently the Goblin used his electro-charged gloves on Spidey right before his arrest in The Pulse #5.

The Electro-Blast gloves also helped spell the end of Flash Thompson's heroic life in Amazing Spider-Man #800

Harry Osborn (as the Green Goblin) broke out a variation on the glove-weapon when he attacked Peter with glove equipped with a hypodermic needle.  This ended up knocking Peter out for a short time in Spectacular Spider-Man #200.

2.  The Pumpkin Bomb (aka The Goblin Bomb aka The Goblin Lantern)
The most infamous of Goblin weapons, the Pumpkin Bomb functions as a housing unit for a myriad of munitions.  There are six distinct uses for the Pumpkin Bomb listed below.  But before we get started in the list, the panel below (from Amazing Spider-Man #27) shows one of the few times the Green Goblin refers to the weapon as the 'Goblin Bomb'

a.)  The stun-bomb (below are a variety of examples of the Goblin referring to a stun bomb)

b.)  The concussion-bomb

c.)  The Anti-Spider-Man Explosive...?  (aren't they all Anti-Spider-Man in some way or another?)

d.)  The psychedelic/hallucinogenic bombs

e.)  The explosive incendiary bomb 
Over the years the explosive incendiary bomb has become more and more pyrophoric, it began with a simple 'smoking stem' to now the bomb itself being covered in flames.  This bomb is the bomb of choice for the Green Goblin and it is the explosive incendiary-type bomb that has become popularized as the Goblin's generic 'Pumpkin Bomb'.  The panels below serve as a Pumpkin Bomb montage, notice how more and more fire have been incorporated into the bomb's design.  

In this last panel, Norman places his incendiary bomb device technology into flash drives and tosses them Mr. Hyde's it doesn't always have to be used inside a pumpkin.  

f.)  A Goblin calling card
The worst kind of use of this weapon, the Green Goblin used his Pumpkin Bomb as a sign for Peter to find him.

As a special side note, Peter refer's the Pumpkin Bomb as the Goblin's Lantern...not sure if Norman would have okay'd that name.

g.)  The Carnage Bombs
When the Green Goblin merged with the Carnage symbiote, he also merged his weaponry as well.  The outcome:  Carnage Bombs!

Norman can communicate through these bombs...

The bombs can bite and latch on to their target...

And, of course, they can explode too!

3.  Weaponized/Engineered Goblin Gases
Of all the weapons Norman has devised, the engineered gases that he has used have proven to be quite effective and of genius design.  To date, Norman has manufactured gases and used them against Spider-Man on at least 3 occasions and they have all done some remarkable things.  They are listed below (does not include the psychedelic gases that he placed in pumpkin bombs).

a.)  Gas designed to weaken Spider-Man's Spider-Sense (Amazing Spider-Man #39), he used it again in Revenge of the Green Goblin #1 as well.  

b.)  Gas/mist designed to remove Spider-Man's ability to stick to walls (Amazing Spider-Man #98).

c.) Gas designed to react with Spidey's blood chemistry that weakened and subdued him (Peter Parker Spider-Man #75).

4.  Mechanical Bats (aka Goblin Boomerang aka Razor Bats)
One of the Green Goblin's oldest and longest used weapons, the weaponized bat has been shown to do a lot of very bad things.  Interestingly, the most popular name for the weapon, Razor Bats, has never been mentioned in one of the stories.  Supplemental sources like the Marvel Encyclopedias have been the origin of the name Razor Bats.

The following panel (Amazing Spider-Man #17) shows the Goblin's Mechanical Bat emitting thick smoke around Spidey once the Goblin released it.  

The Goblin sounds a little like the Wicked Witch of the West in the following panel from Amazing Spider-Man #40.  Notice that these battery powered bats were used like a smoke screen to temporarily distract and blind Spidey.  

In Amazing Spider-Man #97 (below), Norman refers to the weapon as the Goblin Boomerang.  This story also featured the more modern and sleek form of the weapon, which has become known as the Razor Bat.

5.  The Goblin Glider (aka Flying Broomstick aka The Jet Glider aka The Jet Flyer)
One of the iconic accessories that the Green Goblin originated, the high-flying Goblin Glider has been called many things over the years.  The vehicle has evolved as Norman no doubt revamps it frequently.

The Flying Broomstick (Amazing Spider-Man #14)

The Jet Glider (Amazing Spider-Man #26)
The Jet-Flyer (Amazing Spider-Man #122)

The Goblin Glider (Peter Parker Spider-Man #75)

Although mainly a mode of transportation, the rocket-powered Goblin Glider can function as a weapon in its own right.   The following is a list of potential ways of weaponizing the Goblin Glider.

a.)  Using the Glider itself to strike your opponent or someone else

But be very careful, because what goes around comes around...literally

One of the biggest ironies of that scene was that it was actually Peter who 'weaponized' the Goblin Glider, he did so a few moments prior when he disabled the device and bent the horns downward.

Norman soon realized the utility of having a protruding sharp edge at the front of the Goblin Glider and when he returned from exile the Glider was revamped to include a radio controlled system for weaponizing the Goblin Glider.

Finally, if you're planning on smashing someone with the Goblin Glider be wary of lightning...

b.)  A smoke screen or rocket blast from the jet engine

c.)  The Spiral Skewer  

Harry added a variation on the spiral skewer, the sharp pike, but this was a little too clumsy to use effectively.

d.)  The (rare) Laser-firing version of the Goblin Glider

e.)  When the Green Goblin merged with the Carnage symbiote, he not only upgraded his power set...he also upgraded his Goblin Glider as well.  Its unclear whether this new demonized-Glider is a Carnage-bound version of his regular glider (similar to what he did with his Pumpkin Bombs).   Or whether this is just a whole new construct of the Carnage symbiote.  Either way, its one bad-ass Goblin Glider!

Like his Carnage bombs, the Red Goblin's glider could bite too!  


6. The Goblin Canon
Need I say more?

7. The Charged Toy Frog (aka The Sonic Toad)
Osborn called it the 'electrically-charged Toy Frog' in Amazing Spider-Man #17, but Bart Hamilton referred to it as the 'Sonic Toad'.  Hamilton's sounds cooler but Osborn invented it, so we'll go with Osborn's naming...

Bart Hamilton from Amazing Spider-Man #180

8. Asphyxiation Grenade (aka the Ghost Bomb)
This one is pretty wacky, but also pretty cool too if you think about it.  It forms an air-tight seal around its target, that is actually very useful.  Interestingly, Norman refers to it as the 'Goblin Surprise' in the panel below from Amazing Spider-Man #17

But again here, in Amazing Spider-Man #39, he refers to it again as the 'Goblin's Surprise'...coincidence?

Bart Hamilton gets credit for the most effective use of the Asphyxiation Grenade after he uses it to subdue Spidey and then carry him off in it.  (Amazing Spider-Man #178)

Norman even broke it out during his return attack on Peter...but that is the last we've seen of the Asphyxiation Grenade. 

9.  The The Retro-Scope
Although it seems benign enough (and possibly quite useful!), Norman used this instrument to inflict pain, more specifically emotional pain.  Ergo, technically the Retro-Scope is a weapon.

10.  The Seismic Ray Device (aka The S.R.D.)
This weapon was used only once and it was technology that he himself did not devise, so this one is unique.

11.  Glue Bomb
The Green Goblin only used this weapon on one instance, and the housing for the glue bomb may have been a pumpkin (as in the aforementioned cases).  But since that is unknown at this point, we'll file as a separate weapon.

12.  DNA Bomb
If we presume that this was a real weapon, not some intimidation technique Osborn was using on Peter, then it should be mentioned that Norman claims this doesn't kill people.  Rather, it decomposes them back to the most basic elements...not sure how that isn't killing them...

13. Weaponized/Hallucinogenic Toothepaste
Okay, so this one is kind of a gag, but still Norman proves that you can basically weaponize anything.  

14.  The unnamed (and unused by Norman!) Moon-Shaped weapon
Lord knows what this thing was called and what it was designed to do, but regardless it is a weapon and deserves a spot on this list.

Oddly enough, even though Norman never used it in battle (that I'm aware of) Bart Hamilton did.  When the psychiatrist freaked out and became the Green Goblin he threw the 'crescent moon' weapon at Spidey.  Ironically, this 'crescent moon' weapon was used in the fashion that Osborn now uses his Razor Bats weapon.

15.  Standard Firearms

In the following panel (Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #4), Norman shot at the Richards children with a pistol.  

Like everything else, what goes around comes around.  In the panels below MJ attacks Norman with a handgun...nice.

16.  Hand to Hand Combat
The classic fisticuffs.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the fun fact that although Spider-Man and the Green Goblin came within close proximity on their first encounter (see panel below in Amazing Spider-Man #14), they didn't actually trade blows (via punching) until Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2... 

Of course Norman snuck Spidey back in Amazing Spider-Man #37, but that doesn't count toward a full-out Spidey vs Goblin battle royale.

Here it is, the first time the Goblin and Spider-Man duke it out.

Here's the always amazing 'blazing punch' from Osborn...(I just made that name up)

17.  Mind Games and Mental Torment
The following panels are a montage of Osborn's mental torment on Peter (and others) over the years.

18.  Information
The master manipulator is also a master of secrets/lies/information.  One of his more powerful weapons, Norman's used information to turn people's lives upside-down.

19.  The War Goblins
After Norman wreaked havoc upon New York City during the formation of his Goblin Nation, he went underground and became an arms dealer.  It was at this point that Norman created an army of War Goblins that he used as enforcers and to defend his kingdom in Symkaria.  For the most part, the War Goblins had been exposed to the Goblin Formula, although it is not clear if every War Goblin had the Goblin Formula in their system.  (See here for more details)

20.  The Goblin Glider Cycle
Part of being an arms dealer requires you to put on a show and sometimes shows require a high-speed chase.  Norman used these Goblin Glider Cycles (unofficial name by the way) to escape pursuit of Spider-Man and Silver Sable en route to his Goblin Army Expo.  These are a hybridization of a motorcycle and a Goblin Glider...
 (See here for more details)

21.  The Kingslayer Walking Tank
The piece de resistance of Norman's arms-dealing inventory, the Kingslayer Walking Tanks had been produced not only for retail but also the defense of Osborn's strongholds.  
 (See here for more details)

22.  The Carnage Symbiote
Possibly Norman's riskiest gamble on a new weapon, Osborn joined forces with the Carnage symbiote as a desperate measure to regain strength and madness in order to defeat Spider-Man (for more see here).

The symbiote was able to rid Norman of the nanites that suppressed his ability accept the Goblin Formula.  Spider-Man had administered them during the Goblin Nation, interestingly, Tony Stark also put nanites (for tracking purposes) inside Osborn during the Superhero Civil War.  Those were probably expelled too.  Regardless, the symbiote cleared the way for the return of the Green Goblin!

The symbiote was also able to restore Norman's face back to the normal (non-melted) form.

After the he detonated the Daily Bugle building, Osborn was impaled by the debris from the explosion.  The Carnage symbiote was able to protect him from that devastating blow (ultimately leading to the creation of the Red Goblin).  Thus, the symbiote can be used for protection/defense as well.  

Like Cletus Kasady before him, Osborn used the symbiote for direct kills.

Norman was also able to use the Carnage symbiote to "deputize" his grandson Normie Osborn, weaponizing him into the Goblin Childe!  

And, of course, the Carnage symbiote allows for an upgrade on the Pumpkin Bombs, giving you...Carnage Bombs!