Director of the Thunderbolts

In the fallout from the events of Superhuman Civil War, Norman Osborn was placed as the Director of the newly restructured Thunderbolts team.   Norman, like the other Thunderbolts, were given a chance at redemption.   Government officials felt that Osborn, a "former" villain, would have some insight in leading a team of villains.  The new Thunderbolts lineup included Bullseye, Radioactive Man, Swordsman, Moonstone, Songbird, Penance, and Venom II (aka Mac Gargan).  The C.S.A. charged these Thunderbolts with the primary task of hunting down and detaining any unregistered superhumans in violation with the law.  Violation, in this case, meant carrying out any deeds (heroic or otherwise) publicly.  The following links outline Norman's initial deeds as director of the Thunderbolts