Table of Contents

                    Section 1:  Norman's Heritage
                    Section 2:  Norman's Childhood
                    Section 3:  Emily Osborn's Death
                    Section 1:  Origin of the Goblin Formula
                    Section 2:  The Criminal Underworld
                    Section 3:  The Gwen Stacy Mini Series
                    Section 1:  Enter:  Norman Osborn
                    Section 2:  Unmasking Spider-Man
                    Section 3:  Kraven Seeks Revenge
                    Section 4:  The Memories Return
                    Section 5:  Harry's First Overdose
                    Section 6:  The Death of Gwen Stacy
                 Section 1:  Down Amongst the Dead
            Section 2:  The Other Goblins
            Section 3:  Urich publishes The Legacy of Evil
            Section 4:  Norman's European Exploits
            Section 5:  Norman and Otto
            Section 6:  Norman Emerges from the Shadows
                    Section 1:  Dissociation from the Goblin
                    Section 2:  Spider-Hunt Saga
                    Section 3:  Goblins at the Gate
                    Section 4:  The Underworld Revisited
                    Section 5:  Goblin Moon
                    Section 1:  Preparing the Gathering of Five
                    Section 2:  The Final Chapter
                    Section 3:  Fallout from the Gathering
                    Section 4:  The Rebel Scrier
                    Section 5:  The Goblin Decoy Unmasked
                    Section 1:  Peter Parker the Goblin Heir
                    Section 2:  Osborn outside the Spiderverse
                    Section 3:  Double Shots
                    Section 1:  A Death in the Family
                    Section 1:  Osborn is Finally Caught!
                    Section 2:  Escape and the Sinister Twelve
                    Section 1:  Sins Past - The Gwen Affair 
                    Section 2:  Sins Remembered - The Stacy Twins

                    Section 1:  The Superhero Civil War
                    Section 2:  Director of the Thunderbolts
                    Section 1:  New Ways to Die 
                    Section 2:  Harry Evades Death
                    Section 3:  Character Assassination
                    Section 1:  Skrull Secret Invasion
                    Section 2:  S.H.I.E.L.D. Decommissioned

                    Section 1:  The Onset
                    Section 2:  Spider-Man
                    Section 3:  The Cabal
                    Section 4:  The Dark Avengers
              Section 5:  The Thunderbolts
              Section 6:  Clint Barton
              Section 7:  The X-Men
              Section 8:  Ms. Victoria Hand
              Section 9:  Everyone Else!

                    Section 1:  Norman's Downfall
                    Section 2:  Siege Aftermath

                    Section 1:  American Son Revisited
                    Section 2:  Origin of the Species
                    Section 3:  Avenger's Academy
              Section 4:  The Goblin Cult
              Section 5:  The Return of H.A.M.M.E.R.
              Section 6:  The Goblin Key

                    Section 1:  Goblin Nation
                    Section 2:  The Osborn Identity
Section 3:  Personal Demon
              Section 4:  The Red Goblin
              Section 5:  Red Death
              Section 6:  Absolute Carnage

                    Section 1:  Consultant at Ravencroft
              Section 2:  Last Remains