Sub-Mariner: Revolution

It seems as though every corner of the Marvel Universe was affected by the tragic events that occurred in Stamford, Connecticut; events which eventually led to the Superhuman Civil War.  One of the victims from Nitro's explosion that day was the cousin of Namor the Sub-Mariner, Namorita.  Namorita was a member of the New Mutants and her death led to Namor siding with Captain America during the Civil War.  However, months after explosion at Stamford, a terrorist attack in Bentonville, Kansas led to the death of more than 900 innocent civilians.  Disturbingly, this attack seemed to have been committed by Atlantean terrorists, and Namor became a top suspect.  Tony Stark, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., resolves to find Namor without using force, but his efforts are unfruitful.  Enter: Norman Osborn and his Thunderbolts.

Norman's appearance in the Sub-Mariner: Revolution arc is brief, and he simply charges Venom with the task of tracking down and detaining the Namor.  Osborn is given the request for his services from a high ranking military officer, and Venom wastes no time in tracking down Namor.  Venom gets the drop on Namor and even manages to rip two of the four wings from Namor's ankles, but Namor quickly turns the tables on Venom.  Namor beats Venom quite handily and as one last measure of disrespect, he rips Venom's tongue from his mouth and leaves it next to the beaten Venom on the ground.  Norman doesn't send any more of the Thunderbolts after Namor, and it turns out that a royal coup had taken place to frame Namor.  The person responsible for setting up Namor is his own long-lost son, Kamar.  Namor, and all his Atlantean subjects and their prisoner Nitro, evacuate their underwater Atlantean city and move to Latveria, home of Doctor Doom.

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Norman informs Venom (Mac Gargan) of his new assignment, as seen in Sub-Mariner #2

Namor rips Venom's tongue from his mouth after defeating him, as seen in Sub-Mariner #4