Spider-Man throughout Norman's Dark Reign

Peter Parker and Norman Osborn have been engaged in a personal vendetta for so long that it's hard to believe they briefly cooperated with each other (amongst a plethora of other heroes/villains) to fight against the Skrull Invasion.  Ultimately, Norman was able to become the face of the resistance to the Skrulls after he fired the kill shot on their Queen in Secret Invasion #8.  He was then awarded all the power that had previously been under S.H.I.E.L.D. jurisdiction and after shutting down S.H.I.E.L.D., he created H.A.M.M.E.R.  His new peace-keeping task force was completely sanctioned by the U.S. government, so Norman was now completely legit.  This was added to the pardon that Norman had received (for his murderous Green Goblin exploits) when he became the Thunderbolts director a few years back.  But the insults toward Spider-Man and the rest of the do-gooders did not stop there, Norman soon created his own team of Avengers that utilized the iconic images from the Avengers of old.  Norman was now the law (in the United States), which placed Spider-Man and his fellow Avengers in a world of trouble.  Norman's new status created a multitude of enemies for the former Goblin, but Spider-Man remained at the top of Norman's shit list.  It was only a matter of time before the two would cross paths and rekindle that beautiful mutual hatred that they had worked so hard to foster over the years.

The friction between Peter and Norman began the moment Norman rose to power, specifically immediately following the announcement of his new Avengers.  However, Norman avoided a fight with Spider-Man and his team after he had outsmarted them and sent The Hood's villains after them instead.  Norman's clever maneuvering is outlined here.  Shortly after, the two teams would collide yet again, except this time Norman did not send a stand-in into battle.  In The Avengers Free Comic Book Day one shot, the long-time Avenger Thor was nearly killed by a mythical ice creature known as Ymir.  This creature was actually an elemental force, a frost giant of the North Winds and it had taken New York City hostage after it created an immense blizzard in the middle of the summer.  Spider-Man and the rest of the Avengers assembled and tried to attack Ymir, to no avail.  

Enter Norman Osborn and his team.  After unsuccessfully deploying The Sentry to subdue Ymir, the frost giant nearly killed both teams of Avengers.  Luckily for the two sets of Avengers, the monster did not kill them, rather, blasted them into a realm between the world of the God's and the mortal world.  Norman's resident God of War, Ares, then stepped up with a plan.  He claimed that this elemental force could only be killed by a weapon known as The Twilight Sword.  However, the two teams could not be near one another without trying to kill each other and it took a few stern decrees from Norman Osborn himself (that's right!) to force the groups to cooperate.  Eventually the two teams calmed down and decided to work together to find the mythical sword, an awkward experience for both parties involved.  Soon after, Ares and the mixed group of Avengers located the sword and immediately destroyed Ymir.  

The destruction of the elemental force returned the group to the mortal plane (ie they were back in NYC) and removed any trace of the blizzard-y havoc brought on by its presence.  After the dust settled, Norman attempted to arrest Spider-Man and his Avengers team.  Dumbfounded, the group did not know what to do, luckily for them though, Thor arrived.  The Thunder God demanded that Osborn and his team leave or face him in battle.  Norman reluctantly left, after he declared that today was not the day that his Avengers will face off against Spidey's team.  An uneasy truce was formed, but their inevitable clash loomed as well.

Some time after the two Avengers teams collided for the second time, Spidey's fellow Avengers requested that he unmask and reveal his true identity.  Spider-Man was hesitant to concede given the current status quo and his history with America's new Top Cop.  But he eventually gave in, and unmasked, so his Avengers team including Wolverine, Clint Barton, Mockingbird, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Bucky-Cap, and Spider-Woman have been reacquainted with Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

Peter's first two encounters with Norman were alongside his fellow Avengers, but his third meeting with the 'former' Green Goblin returned them to their personal war.  After the former publisher of the Daily Bugle J. Jonah Jameson became the unlikely mayor of New York City, Peter forced himself to fight crime 24/7 in response to Jameson's attacks at Spidey's character.  This series of event culminated in the Amazing Spider-Man #594.  During Peter's vigilante guard of the city he encountered the Vulture III and their fracas led them to the new Yankees stadium, where Osborn was watching the game from his sky-box suite.  

Spidey crashed into Norman's suite and only icy stares were exchanged, no blows were thrown because Spider-Man was preoccupied with the Vulture III.  After defeating this new Vulture, Spider-Man had an epiphany, it was not J. Jonah Jameson that was irking Spider-Man into this 24/7 crusade, rather Norman Osborn.  Peter knew that something had to be done against his most deadly adversary, especially since the whole world seemed to believe that he was a hero.

Peter was no longer an employee of the Daily Bugle, which was now owned by Dexter Bennett and subsequently renamed the DB!  Instead, Peter began working for the Front Line newspaper, a publication headed by former Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich.  Fed up with Norman's current status quo, Peter insisted that the Front Line staff set their sights on removing him from power in Amazing Spider-Man #595.  Urich quickly squashed Peter's plan, citing that Osborn's records are sealed and that the Thunderbolts were protected under both the Patriot and Superhuman Registration Acts.  Without new proof or a new angle, there was nothing they could do to bring down Norman.  Unsatisfied with that response, Peter left the offices of the Front Line in huff but Norah Winters, a reporter with the Front Line, was not deterred.  She resolved to infiltrate Norman's Avengers Tower and work undercover to expose his true villainous nature.

Putting his beef with Norman temporarily aside, Peter attended a dinner at Gracie Mansion, home of the NYC mayor J. Jonah Jameson.  Peter was invited because his Aunt May was now romantically involved with Jameson's estranged father, J. Jonah Jameson Sr.  Peter brought his long-time friend Harry Osborn along with him to the dinner and everyone was outraged when they realized that the guest of honor for this occasion was none other than Norman Osborn himself.  Well, everyone except the mayor, who had invited Norman in an attempt to brown-nose the most powerful man in the world.   Tempers flared immediately, as Jameson Sr. and Norman exchanged veiled threats.  Norman, however, was not hostile at all toward his son, in fact, quite the opposite, as he invited Harry to join him at the Avengers Tower.  He told the group that he wanted this son to share in his success, this seemingly generous offer was flat-out refused by Harry.  Suffice it to say that the dinner did not go well, in fact, it didn't go at all, the entire guest list left before dinner could be served.

Regardless, Peter had enough of Norman's ploys and he decided to attack him on his limo ride back to Avengers Tower.  As Spider-Man, Peter ripped the roof off of the limo with his webbing and pulled Osborn from the moving automobile.  He then pummeled Norman relentlessly and told him leave Harry alone.  When it appeared Spidey was going to finally kill Norman, Norman's phone rang, it was Harry.  Harry told his dad over the phone that he changed his mind and decided to accept his offer, Peter was dumbfounded.  It turns out that Lily Hollister (aka Menace aka Harry's former girlfriend) had paid Harry a visit and told him that she was pregnant with his child, a baby boy!   Harry decided to take Norman's offer so that he could earn Norman's trust and eventually find a cure for Lily so that they could be together.

In Amazing Spider-Man #596, Harry makes his first trip to Avengers Tower to join his father, an event publicly announced by Norman at a press conference.  To add salt to Spidey's wounds, Norman used his Dark Spider-Man (aka Mac Gargan aka Venom II) to greet Harry.  To the public, it appeared as though Norman and Spider-Man were allies, which was a complete fabrication (obviously).  Norman briefed Harry upon his initial tour through the Tower's facilities, he informed Harry that he'd now be living at the mansion, like all the essential personnel.  Harry reluctantly obliged as Norman forced him to be vaccinated against various pathogens, including the dreaded 'Skrull Flu'.  

Meanwhile, Peter bumped into Norah and she told him about her success at getting a job inside Avengers Tower, and with Norah making a move, Peter knew he had to do the same thing.  While Venom II was busy trying to kill a hooker, Spider-Man quickly intervened and blasted the villain with sonic waves, removing the symbiote.  With a little help from Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man was able to lock Gargan in a secured vault and then infiltrate the Dark Avengers using a specialized costumed that mimicked Venom II.  Peter was successful and soon found himself amongst Osborn's team as Norman explained Harry's new role in his organization, to become the American Son.

Norman then took his team to the American Son laboratory, where he explained to them that while he has given the American public heroes, he has not given them the right hero.  In Amazing Spider-Man #597, Norman told his team that the newest member of his Avengers will be the homegrown, red, white and blue hero known as the American Son.  Norman further explained that while the Iron Patriot symbolized American's strength, the American Son was meant to symbolize America's heart.  The trouble for Norman has been trying to safely merge the Goblin Formula with Super-Solider Serum, a task that has yielded numerous test-subjects-gone-wrong.  

Harry, however, was completely unaware of the specifics behind Norman's plan for him and he was focused on finding a cure for Lily.  While searching Norman's secured floors for a potential cure, Harry found Spider-Man (the real one) battling Daken (aka Dark Wolverine) after he had realized that this Spider-Man was a fraud.  Spidey was able to neutralize Daken, but Norman and the rest of his Avengers soon arrived and demanded to know what was going on.  Harry turned Spider-Man in to Norman, informing his father that this was not Mac Gargan, rather the real Spider-Man.  For the record, Norman claimed to have known that this Spider-Man was an imposter the moment he came through the door (sounds like bragging).  Hawkeye (aka Bullseye) sank two quick arrows into the infiltrator and Norman pulled out a pistol to finish the job.  Norman fired one shot into Spidey's head seemingly killing him.

The story continued in Amazing Spider-Man #598, where Harry and Norman shared a little father-son heart to heart.  Norman told his son that he was proud of him for handing Spidey over to him but he asked why he was snooping around those floors in the first place.  Harry confessed to his father that he was looking for Lily, at which point Norman told Harry the truth about his plan for him, that is, to become an Avenger named the American Son.  He told Harry to look over the equipment and decide if he wanted to be a part of the Norman's Avengers, he added that he'll allow Harry to see Lily.  Meanwhile, Spider-Man found himself in Norman's brutal custody as Bullseye functioned as Norman's resident torturer.  

Norman found himself in a tight spot though, because he was unable to remove Spider-Man's mask from his head.  The customized suit that Sue Richards had given Spidey was designed by her husband and it consisted of unstable molecules, which instantaneously reconfigure upon impact.  In other words, you cannot take the mask off without an immense amount of difficulty and the kill-shot Norman had recently fired (as well as other tactics) were completely ineffective against it.  And desperately wanted to know what Spider-Man's interest was in his son (remember this is a Brand New Day event, and Norman has no recollection that Peter Parker is Spider-Man).  Norman left Bullseye in charge of extracting that information from Spider-Man, while he returned to the American Son testing facility to give Harry the specifics around his new Avengers status.  He informed Harry that he'll have to be given a drug that will enhance his strength/stamina/etc, Harry was hesitant since drugs are a part of his painful past.  While in the test facility, there were numerous gestation pods, but one in partiucular stood out.  It contained a blonde-haired male and its label was slightly obstructed but 'G Stacy' was clearly observed, insinuating Gabriel Stacy or some genetic construct related to Gwen Stacy. 

Norman soon returned to torturing Spider-Man, however, this time he has a plan to remove Spidey's mask.  Norman found, in Stark's notes, that this repulsor technology could be used to stabilize the unstable molecules, thus allowing for his mask to be removed.  In the Brand New Day era, if a person were to see Spider-Man unmasked, all their memories would return as well.  Spider-Man desperately wanted to avoid Norman's re-discovery of Spidey's ID, but Norman soon revealed plans that were far more diabolical.  He told Spider-Man that Harry would unknowingly play the role of martyr for Norman, allowing him to garner further support from the public.  

Even worse, Norman told Peter that he (Norman) was the father of Lily's son, not Harry, a fact that would devastate Harry.  Enraged by this news, Spider-Man broke free from his restraints and began beating the snot out of Bullseye and Norman.  Spider-Man did not keep the upper hand for long, and Norman was able to retaliate and he nearly unmasked the weakened Spider-Man.    

Unfortunately for Harry, he was discovering this exact same information during his rendezvous with Lily, after he tried to inject her with a cure for the Goblin Formula.  After slapping the cure from Harry's hands, Lily converted into Menace and she attacked Harry after telling him Norman was the father of her child.  Harry decided to make a stand against Norman, he donned the American Son armor and attacked his father, saving Spider-Man from certain death.

The story's conclusion was reached in Amazing Spider-Man #599, where the Iron Patriot and the American Son found themselves engaged in combat against each other.  After Harry confronted his father for impregnating his ex-girlfriend, his anger allowed him to knock the Iron Patriot out of the Avengers Tower and into Central Park.  Harry had the opportunity to see Peter unmasked, but decided not to look, he then instructed Spidey to leave (remember, Harry doesn't know that Peter is Spider-Man either).  Menace soon joined the melee, and Norman explained to his son his rationale for impregnating Lily.  Since his offspring with Gwen Stacy were not viable children (rapid aging, unstable genetics, etc), he believed that the only way for him to have a healthy/worthy heir would be to mate with someone who had also been exposed to the Goblin Formula.  Enter Lily Hollister and the rest is history.  

Spider-Man rejoined the battle just in time to stop the Iron Patriot from killing his own son, but Menace swooped in to remove the wall-crawler.  Norman told Harry that he's no longer his son and Harry reached a new level of hate, this hate allowed him to gain the upper hand on his father and beat him mercilessly.  While Harry stood poised to kill his father, Spider-Man stepped back in.  He warns Harry that killing his father would destroy everything that Harry had built for himself and that he'd finally become the son that Norman wanted him to be (which was not a good thing).  After a moment's pause, Harry decided not to kill his father, instead he left him and the American Son gear behind at Central Park after wishing his father good luck with his new family.  In the end, Lily remained with Norman as he made plans for his new Goblin Prince.  Lily would later play a brief role against Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel whilst living at Norman's private residence, summarized here

And Norah Winters, who had made some head-way uncovering Norman's failed human experiments with the American Son technology, received death threats from Osborn, warning her not to publish her story.  Norah, fearing for her life, did not go public with her story.       

Soon after, Peter Parker was approached by Norman's deputy director in the one-shot, Dark Reign: Goblin Legacy.  Through her contact with Harry Osborn, Victoria Hand was able to get in touch with Parker and arrange to meet him for coffee. Peter was a person of interest to Ms. Hand because she knew Peter has had a 'number of run-ins' with the Green Goblin (we assume these 'run-ins' are from Peter being both Harry's friend and a photographer for the Daily Bugle, not because he's Spider-Man). Specifically, she wanted to know how Peter felt after finding out that Norman Osborn was in fact the villainous Green Goblin.

Peter's responds by saying that he was very surprised and that he took the news personally. Victoria goes on to tell Peter that since Norman had recently confirmed to the public that he was indeed the Green Goblin (back in Dark Avengers #5), she's taken it upon herself to see if there are any other 'shadows from his past that could prove troublesome'. She asks Peter to tell her everything he knows about Norman Osborn. Peter basically warns her that Norman is ruthless and self-serving and will stop at nothing and will turn on anyone in order to get what he wants. Peter then gets up to leave, claiming he has nothing more to say on the topic when Victoria grabs his arm for last question. She asks, before you found out he was the Green Goblin, did you ever have an inkling that he was that dangerous and out of control. Peter's responds that the had no idea of Norman's duplicity, and that it would've been just as believable to claim that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

Later that evening Victoria is working alone in her office at Avengers Tower, trying to connect the dots surrounding the Norman's clouded past. Norman soon sneaks up on her, catching her off guard and removing the Green Goblin file folder from her hands. As Norman thumbs through her notes, he questions her motives and reminds her that if she wants to know where the bodies are buried, she could simply ask him. He then takes her file folder and throws it into the waste bin, then lights it on fire. The fire in the waste bin suddenly triggers shadowed memories in Norman's brain (there's a brief flashback to Amazing Spider-Man #40). Norman struggles to recall if it was a dream or a memory and he soon resolves that if it was important, it will come back to him.

Norman and Peter share a brief moment, albeit as their respective alter egos, soon after in Timestorm 2009 2099 .  After the Iron Patriot got his butt handed to him by Ghost Rider 2099, he was tossed toward a crowd of innocent civilians.  Luckily for them, Spider-Man was nearby and was able to toss up a web-net to catch the Iron Patriot and save the civilians.

Later in the one shot Dark Reign The List: The Amazing Spider-Man, Spidey finds himself still very perplexed by both Osborn's meteoric rise to power and the general public's outpouring of love and support for him as the Iron Patriot. Fed up with the current status quo, Peter turns to his colleagues at the Front Line to generate a plan for taking down Norman once and for all. The group includes Ben Urich, Joe Robertson, and Norah Winters, and they all agree that attacking Norman's public persona is going to be a tall order considering that Osborn was given a clean slate with his newfound position. Not to mention that all the 'dirt' Norah had uncovered while undercover in Avengers Tower (back during the American Son arc) was intercepted by Osborn, thus never reaching the public. However, she was able to attain secret blueprints to Oscorp's Manhattan offices, which may contain secretlaboratories/experiments that Norman may wish to remain that way.

Meanwhile, at the aforementioned Oscorp Manhattan offices, Norman discusses some of his research projects with his assistant, Ms. Victoria Hand.  He informs her that he has a particular project set up specifically for dealing with an 'elusive pest problem' and that the #8 item on his list is to kill the Amazing Spider-Man.  However, when Norman opens the door to that laboratory he finds the wall-crawler in there downloading security tape footage of Osborn experimenting on human beings.  

Busted, Spidey makes a break for it, jumping out through the window of the Oscorp building.  The Iron Patriot, however, is immediately in pursuit and the two have at it in the skies above the NYC streets. Spider-Man doesn't make it far before Norman hits him with a uni-beam blast from his star-shaped symbol on his chest. This knocks the vulnerable Spider-Man to the ground.

Despite saving innocent civilians from the falling debris caused by the Iron Patriot's laser blasts, the NYC citizens actually gang up on Spidey and help Osborn in corralling the wall-crawler. While Norman is gloating from his apparent victory over Spider-Man, Peter makes one last ditch effort for an escape.  He kicks Osborn directly on his star-shaped chest symbol and this causes the Iron Patriot suit to over-heat and release large amounts of smoke. The smoke screen allows Peter to shed his costume and escape. Left only with Spidey's costume, Norman quickly concludes that Spider-Man must've went straight into the nearby Cyber Cafe to pass on the stolen video footage. When Osborn enters the cafe he immediately spots Peter Parker, but the celebrity status of the Iron Patriot causes swarms of fans to get between he and Peter. This allows Peter to upload the stolen security tape footage unto the web, passing it on to various members of the media. Osborn informs the crowd that it is doctored footage and when he does come face to face with Peter, Peter is able to turn the tables on Osborn. Peter tempts Osborn to shoot him in front of everyone in the crowd, an act that would make the Iron Patriot a hypocrit, since he is a supposed protector of the American people.

In the end, Peter feels a sense of accomplishment as he has finally put a nice chink in the armor of the Iron Patriot. Meanwhile, Norman goes on damage control, trying to pull the security tape footage from the web.

Amidst his one on one battles with Norman, Peter also found himself facing his long-time foe alongside his Avenger teammates.  To his fellow Avengers Spider-Man often filled the role of comic relief, but once Norman Osborn became a nagging threat to the group Spidey also functioned as the team's moral compass.  At one point, Carol Danvers had stolen a Quinjet from Osborn's facilities and everyone on the team seemed pleased with her actions, except Spider-Man.  Spidey argued that stealing is stealing, regardless of who it was from and he insisted that the group return the jet, they did not listen, which upset the web-slinger.  But Spidey remained working with the group, knowing that their aim was restore justice and remove Osborn from power.  

Spidey's fellow Avengers constantly waffled back and forth as to whether or not they should simply kill Osborn, and in effect, expose his true nature.  This debate continued for the entirety of Osborn's reign and the discussion came to a head in New Avengers #55.  After Clint Barton announced to the team that he regretted not killing Osborn as opposed to denouncing him publicly, Spider-Man took issue with his logic.  He could not believe that Barton would result to such a tactic and he accused his fellow Avenger of 'cracking up'.  The debate that followed was a tribute to Spider-Man's heroic character and convictions, it was also his crowning achievement during Osborn's dark reign.  Spidey tells Barton that he (Barton) is 'so used to your old Avengers Mansion and your Butler and Tony Stark paying for your spa days that now that you have to live like the rest of us...now that you have to feel what it's like to be me every single day...you're cracking up'.  Spidey dealt Barton the harsh truth.  The web slinger spent years fully aware of Norman's horrific past, yet he has often had to grin and bear it, since Norman had periods of time where he totally 'legit'.  Spider-Man essentially had the endurance to deal with Norman's success, where the rest of his team lacked that patience.

Spider-Man's declaration to his team is not the full story, because Spider-Man struggled with that same decision (to kill Osborn) after Norman had recruited Harry to join him at Avengers Tower.  Spidey certainly did not succumb to that drastic feeling, instead he rose above it but it was not easy for him to do so.

The final act between Spider-Man and Osborn prior to his eventual downfall once again involved Spidey's fellow Avengers.  The first interaction that Norman's team had with Spider-Man's team involved a trap that was set by the good Avengers that utilized the Starktech power drainer (New Avengers #50).  That power drainer had resurfaced, this time it found itself in the hands of Dr. Jonas Harrow, a criminal who wanted to cut ties with The Hood and work directly for Osborn.  Harrow fixed the broken power drainer (it had been destroyed back in New Avengers #50) and he used it against both Norman's and Spidey's Avengers.  Harrow completely neutralized the Iron Patriot and the vulnerable villain was forced to negotiate with Harrow in New Avengers #56.  Osborn cuts a deal with Harrow, agreeing to allow Jonas to work for Osborn and in exchange, he restored the Iron Patriot's armor, but not Spider-Man's.  The Iron Patriot was about to deliver a death-blow to Spider-Man but, in the nick of time, Mockingbird arrived and saved her fellow Avengers in New Avengers #57.  Spidey was able to get a little retribution on his old foe, sending the Iron Patriot crashing into a building allowing his team to escape.  

But Norman quickly caught up with them and Luke Cage selflessly turned himself over to Osborn, so that once again, the team could escape arrest from Osborn.  But the Bucky-Cap led team was very resourceful and were not going to leave their fellow Avenger behind.  In New Avengers #59, Spider-Man and the team invade Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. in New Mexico (home of Osborn's Avengers Initiative) to create a diversion and draw Osborn's forces to that location.  Their plan worked and Dr. Strange was able to rescue Cage, while Norman was preoccupied with the invasion at Camp H.A.M.M.E.R.  Luke did not escape unaffected though, Osborn planted a tracking device on his heart that provided him and his forces with Cage's location.  Thankfully, Dr. Strange solicited help from Dr. Hank Pym and was able to translocate the device (which turned out to be a bomb as well as a tracking device) to Osborn's summer home in New Avengers #60.  Norman tracked this signal and knew that something was awry when he arrived at his own property only watch it explode right before his eyes.  It was Spider-Man that gave Pym and Strange the location of Osborn's residence, and it appeared wall-crawler got one last last laugh on Norman.

Norman eventually took control over Harrow and the rest of The Hood's syndicate, sending them after Spider-Man and the rest of the Avengers during his Asgard attack.   

The next time Norman and Spidey meet would be during Norman's fall after his siege on Asgard, an act which brought the web-slinger's hellish nightmare to an end.

And speaking of hellish nightmares, who would Norman Osborn be if not a maniacal paranoid narcissist dead-set on eradicating that cursed interloper, Spider-Man!  Below is a list of the various times the mere mention of Spidey's name or image was able to snatch the toothy grin from Osborn's face.  Even at the top of the world he could not avoid his hate for Spider-Man... 

Spider-Man related hiccups for Norman during his Dark Reign (in no particular order):
1.  Franklin Richards wears a Spider-Man mask and insults Norman's haircut, in Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #4
2.  The Molecule Man induces a nightmare for Norman that involved a pregnant Gwen Stacy as well as a monstrous Spider-Man whisking him away in the same manner as the classic Amazing Spider-Man #39 cover, in Dark Avengers #11-12
3.  Spider-Man aids Ms. Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) breach a government facility to find the immortal Essential.  She gives Danvers ample information regarding Norman Osborn's nefarious deeds/etc, in Ms. Marvel (V2) #34
4.  Osborn cohort Mystique shape-shifts into Spider-Man to get a rise out of her boss, much to Osborn's dismay, in Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3
5.  After confronting the Agents of Atlas alongside his fellow Avengers, Spider-Man realizes that the weapons being produced for Osborn by the Agents were completely useless and lacked power cells, in Agents of Atlas (V2) #5.
6.  While invading Norman's psyche/brain, the Dark X-Men team uncovers a slew of memories from Osborn's past that involve Spider-Man, in Dark X-Men #5.
7.  One of the first things Norman did when he was handed the reigns to S.H.I.E.L.D. was search the Superhuman Registration Act database for Spider-Man's ID...it didn't work, in The Invincible Iron Man #8 
8.  Spider-Man, alongside his underground Avengers, assisted a being a pure-energy-being into regaining its original form, Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel, in Ms. Marvel (V2) #41.  This being then wreaked havoc upon Norman and his team. 
9.  Norman, probably unknowingly, issued out Spider-Man's mantra to Cloak and Dagger in an attempt to recruit them to his X-Men team.  He reminded them that with great power comes great responsibility, in Dark X-Men: The Beginning #2
10.  The paranoid threat of Spider-Man was not limited to Osborn, after having been exposed to the cry of Venus the Grizzly (a former Spider-Man foe) had delusions of being eaten by a giant spider...a giant spider wearing a Spider-Man mask, in Thunderbolts #140
11.  Daken rubs Osborn the wrong way when he suggests that Spider-Man is a true hero, in Dark Wolverine #75
12.  Coat-of-Arms sent Norman down memory lane when she showed him her latest artistic creation, a triptych (a three panel painting) that recreated the Goblin's murder of Gwen Stacy.  Suffice to say Norman was none-too-pleased to see the rendition in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2
13.  Ironically in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4, when Melter (aka Christopher Colchiss) double-crossed the true Young Avengers team and sought out Norman Osborn's assistance, he was wearing a Spider-Man tee shirt.  Melter frequently wears the Spidey tee as part of his ensemble, and Norman didn't make a comment about Melter's attire
14.  After Norman ordered The Hood's gang to hunt down and kill the Avengers in New Avengers #60, The Hood asked Osborn about why he left Spider-Man off the list.  Norman responded that he wants Spidey kept alive...
15.  Technically this occurred before Spider-Man and Osborn came into direct contact during Dark Reign, but it's worth including here.  In Amazing Spider-Man #692, Spidey drops in on J. Jonah Jameson whilst eating a bucket of OsCorn!  Whether or not this was an Oscorp/Osborn Industries product has yet to be disclosed (but we can hope!), nevertheless it certainly begs of a connection to the corn-row-sporting villain!

Cover Homages:
1.)  Punisher (V8) #1 pays homage to Amazing Spider-Man #129
2.)  Dark Avengers #11 pays homage to Todd McFarlane's (adjectiveless) Spider-Man #1
3.) A splash page from Amazing Spider-Man #595 pays homage to Amazing Spider-Man #39

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Norman and Peter both struggle to survive while Janet van Dyne explodes as the Skrull's secret bio-weapon, as seen in Secret Invasion #8

Spider-Man shares his response to the initial results of the Skrull defeat (prior to Norman's public announcement of his Dark Avengers), as seen in New Avengers #48

The frost Giant Ymir easily defeats both Avenger teams, as seen in The Avengers (free comic book day)

Norman forces both teams to cooperate in order to defeat Ymir, as seen in The Avengers (free comic book day)

Norman obeys Thor's command and does not attempt to arrest Spider-Man and his fellow Avengers, as seen in The Avengers (free comic book day)

Spider-Man's Avengers teammates insisted he share his civilian ID with them, so there were no secrets amongst the group, as seen in New Avengers #51

J. Jonah Jameson tries to smooze Norman Osborn, much to the dismay of his father, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #595

Peter infiltrates Norman's Avengers disguised as Venom, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #596

Norman gives his team a tour through the American Son testing facility, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #597

Harry turns the real Spider-Man over to his father, who immediately neutralizes the web slinger, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #597

In a flashback scene, Sue Richards explains how the Venom suit will work for Spidey, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #598

Norman tortures Spider-Man mercilessly while Harry tries to convince Lily to take the Goblin Formula cure, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #598

Spider-Man's mask of unstable molecules begins to fade as Norman and Harry do battle, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #599

Harry passes up on the opportunity to peak at Spider-Man's civilian identity...or does he?  As seen in Amazing Spider-Man #599

Harry decides not kill Norman (upon some good advice from Spidey) and tells his father to "enjoy his new family," as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #599

Norah receives a death threat from Norman's people to ensure that she does not publish her story about Osborn, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #599

Norman destroys Victoria's file folder on the Green Goblin, as seen in Dark Reign: Goblin Legacy

Spidey diverts Norman's attention while stealing security footage involving Norman's experiments on human beings during his American Son tests, as seen in Dark Reign The List: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spidey exploits a weak-point in Norman's Iron Patriot armor that enables Spidey's escape, as seen in Dark Reign The List: The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter backs down the Iron Patriot at an internet coffee shop after Norman tried to bully him, as seen in Dark Reign The List: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spidey and Clint Barton debate the best method of action against Norman Osborn, Barton wants him dead and Spidey disagrees, as seen in New Avengers #55 

The vulnerable Osborn is forced to negotiate with Dr. Jonas Harrow and his henchmen, as seen in New Avengers #57

After Mockingbird rescues her team, Spidey takes a shot on the Iron Patriot before they part ways, as seen in New Avengers #57

While in H.A.M.M.E.R. custody, Luke Cage is kindly rejuvenated by Norman's repulsor blast, as seen in New Avengers #58

Norman watches as his summer home is destroyed by the device he planted in Luke Cage's heart, which Dr. Strange translocated after Spidey shared the home's location, as seen in New Avengers #60

Mystique pretends to be Spider-Man in an attempt to piss off Norman, it worked, as seen in Dark X-Men The Beginning #3

Franklin Richards uses a Spider-Man mask to piss off Norman, it worked, as seen in Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #4

Punisher (V8) #1 featured an Amazing Spider-Man #129 cover homage with Norman Osborn taking the place of Spider-Man

Dark Avengers #11 featured a Spider-Man #1 cover homage with Norman Osborn taking the place of Spider-Man

The debut of OsCorn!  As you can tell from the label it's "Popping Fresh!", as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #692