Dark Reign: The All New Savage She-Hulk

She-Hulk (Lyra)
Featured in:  Dark Reign All New Savage She-Hulk #1-4, The Incredible Hulk #602
Nature of Conflict:
When Lyra (aka She-Hulk II), the gene-spliced offspring of Thundra and the Hulk, was sent back in time on a secret mission her arrival was immediately tracked by Norman Osborn.  Lyra was from an alternate future in which a battle of the sexes has been waging on for years, her mission here in the 'past' was to find a way to end that war.  Lyra arrived in New York City and the ensuing ruckus she created fell under the jurisdiction of A.R.M.O.R. (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response agency) and their director Charles Little Sky.  Norman watched happily as A.R.M.O.R. struggled to deal with Lyra and he felt it necessary to continue floundering, he would then swoop in using his H.A.M.M.E.R. forces to prove to the public, yet again, the strength of his resolve.  His goal was to absorb A.R.M.O.R. under his jurisdiction.  Osborn eventually contacts Little Sky and warns him that if he doesn't handle this situation, the Dark Avengers will.  Eventually Norman gets fed up and he and the rest of his Avengers attack (actually his Captain Marvel aka Marvel Boy aka Noh-Varr does all the work) and subdue Lyra, taking her into H.A.M.M.E.R. custody.  

While in custody, Lyra is freed from her shackles by her computerized companion named Boudicca and the new She-Hulk revealed her true intentions for her 'secret mission', to find Norman Osborn and procreate with him!  She was instructed by her Gynosure that Osborn's seed was 'worth collecting' because he is this era's greatest 'hero'...wait...what?  Here's her explanation of what Norman will do to the future...

Also, this dystopian proliferation of the Dark Avengers in the future will lead to the following tribes...look familiar?

Lyra, however, reconsidered her mission and decided to disobey her orders (that is, the whole procreating with Norman Osborn thing), she realized that Osborn is actually a monster and not a hero.  She then tried to escape from Avenger's Tower, but the Dark Avengers, once again, were able to defeat her.  However, after battling the Sentry, the original She-Hulk (aka Jennifer Walters) was able to break into Avengers Tower and help Lyra fend off Norman's Avengers.  Before the team could close in on both of the She-Hulks, the ladies were teleported to safety by Director Little Sky.  Lyra thanked Little Sky and offered him all of Norman's 'secrets' that Boudicca stole after it hacked into Norman's database, in return, she took a position within A.R.M.O.R.  Osborn was not pleased that he lost Lyra (and Walters for that matter!), undoubtedly he placed her on his notorious list.

Resolution of Conflict:
It appeared as though both She-Hulks got the best of Norman Osborn and his Avengers, had Norman remained in power he would have continued to pursue Lyra and her cohorts.  However, Norman did enjoy a bit of success as he capitalized on the idea Lyra gave him from her dystopian future.  Norman freed General Ryker from the S.H.I.E.L.D. (now H.A.M.M.E.R) prison and placed him in charge of the Origins Corporation, which had the ultimate goal of synthesizing superhuman abilities and making them available to general public.  In return, Ryker was to return the stolen files that Lyra took from Osborn.

Highlights/Interesting Facts:
Lyra kissing Norman Osborn in an attempt to procreate was certainly one of the highlights of this series and Dark Reign as whole...here's Norman the romantic...

Apparently 'Osborn out!' became of Norman's favorite sayings while he was in charge.  Here's another instance...ugh, once again...

Although this was the first time Lyra and Norman Osborn crossed paths, the original She-Hulk (aka Jennifer Walters) had battled the Green Goblin twice in the past!  And in both cases the Green Goblin was a member of the deceased.  The first time they battled was while Jennifer was an Avenger and the Goblin was resurrected by the Grandmaster to create the Legion of the Unliving.

The second time was when She-Hulk actually died and was attacked by the Green Goblin at the Postmortem Mall.  Sound crazy?  Check out this section if you want to read more.  Suffice to say, she was able to kick his butt back then!

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