Osborn outside the Spiderverse

Norman Osborn is the undisputed chief antagonist of Spider-Man, a villain who's personal vendetta for the wall crawler is unmatched by any other Spidey villain.  But every now and then Norman finds a way to seep into the life of other super heroes.  After Norman's coercive attempt to convert Peter Parker to his heir apparent he appeared to head off into the shadows once again.  But Osborn soon emerges from the shadows and is seen amongst society's elite and thus rubs shoulders with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.
Norman makes a very brief appearance at a party featuring "anybody who is anybody among the rich and powerful" being thrown by Tony Stark's old friend Tiberius Stone.  Featured in Iron Man V3 #37,  Osborn's involvement is minimal and is basically summarized in the panel shown to the right.  One interesting facet to this appearance is that Tony Stark explicitly states that he "hates Norman Osborn's guts".  This leads to an interesting dynamic in their future interactions, namely Osborn taking control of the government sanctioned Thunderbolts. 
Osborn resurfaces once again, this time as the Green Goblin, in The Defenders V2 #10.  In this story, numerous supervillains are summoned by the villain Orrgo and pitted against the Defenders.  This is certainly one of the Green Goblin's most ambiguous appearances to date, because he, as well as all of the other villains, do not utter one word throughout their battle.  Valkyrie rationalizes that this is brain dead like behavior is due to the mind control of the monster Orrgo.  The Defenders then use a magical idol to reverse the spell of Orrgo and send the super villains back from whence they came.  It is unclear whether or not Norman is aware of this occurence (although it is suggested that he may not be) or whether Norman was even behind the mask of the Goblin.  This is an interesting appearance, but with minimal development of Norman Osborn's character. 
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Norman Osborn is seen at Tiberius Stone's party, as seen in Iron Man V3 #37 

The Green Goblin, as well as numerous other villains, attack the Defenders as seen in The Defenders V2 #10