Last Remains


Around the time The Unwanted laid siege on Ravencroft, the Sin Eater (aka Stanley Carter) emerged on the scene and began cleansing those who require purity in their lives.  In most cases, this meant cleansing super villains.  The Sin Eater performed this cleansing by shooting his targeted victim with a sawed-off shotgun.  After being cleansed the villain would end up in Ravencroft and behave as though they were a model citizen, repentant and full of contrition.  In exchange for their newly found purity, Carter can absorb whatever super powers that person once had.

To make matters worse, the Sin Eater broadcasts his manifesto using Norah Winters' Threats & Menaces platform.  This results in his ability to build a cult-like following out of ordinary citizens.  These followers are willing to do whatever the Sin Eater desires, including terrorizing the citizens of New York.

When Norah Winters arrives at Ravencroft to report on this cleansing phenomenon in Amazing Spider-Man #847 (Vol. 6 #46), she's greeted by Norman Osborn who, of course, takes credit for the behavioral changes of the Ravencroft inmates.  Norman and Norah share a past, so there is no love lost between the two and their icy tension is palpable when Norah confronts Osborn.  Nevertheless, Osborn grants her full access to the facilities for her reporting.

Norah then interviews Count Nefaria, one of the 'reformed' inmates who had been shot (and thus cleansed) by the Sin Eater.  Nefaria is surprisingly penitent, screaming that he's not worthy of the level of mercy he has been given.  He wants to remain in prison for the guilt he feels.  Norah is shocked.  

After Spider-Man confronts and battles the mystically powered Sin Eater in Amazing Spider-Man #848 (Vol. 6 #47), the web-slinger becomes aware of the Sin Eater's next target...Norman Osborn!  Meanwhile back at Ravencroft, the inmates start creating chaos and chanting violently, "He's coming, He's coming!"  Osborn appears to be on-guard when the inmates call him out specifically and say, "He comes for you Norman Osborn!"

Charged by their leader, the Sin Eater, a green-mask-wearing group of rabble rousers begins terrorizing New York City in Amazing Spider-Man #849 (Vol. 6 #48).  Peter and Miles do their best to fend off the mob, but Peter soon realizes that this attack is merely serving as a distraction for their actual target…Norman Osborn. 

A portion of the Sin Eater’s flock makes their way to Ravencroft Institute and gathers around the gates of the building, preparing to attack.  The security guards at Ravencroft tell Norman that he must evacuate the premises because it is no longer safe, however, Osborn refuses to retreat.  He claims that “Ravencroft is [his]” and that they have “plenty of weapons at [their] disposal.” 

Meanwhile, Spider-Man finds himself in a philosophical bind.  Had the Sin Eater simply wanted to kill Norman Osborn, Spidey’s choice would be simple…stop him.  However, since the Sin Eater wants to cleanse Osborn, the question becomes significantly less clear cut.  Cleansing Norman Osborn could actually end up saving lives, yet Spider-Man knows that there is something inherently amoral about what Stanley Carter is doing.  After a series of discussions with his fellow Spider-people (Miles Morales, Julia Carpenter, Gwen Stacy, and the others that comprise The Order of the Web), Peter realizes what he must do…save Norman Osborn from the Sin Eater.

For what it's worth, Peter’s Spider-allies did not think he should save Norman Osborn and soon after they resolve to stop him from doing so…

Back at Ravencroft, the Sin Eater and his unruly followers breach the walls, forcing Norman to find an escape route out of the facility.  Just when Osborn appears hopelessly cornered by the mob, the web-slinger crashes through the window and saves his archenemy. 

The action continues in the one-shot Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn, which reveals a shared dream by all of Peter’s Spider-allies…a dream in which Peter is dying!  This motivates them to find a way to stop Peter from saving Norman Osborn, a decision that plays directly into the Sin Eater’s hands. 

Meanwhile, Peter helps Norman navigate through the Sin Eater’s siege on Ravencroft, even though Osborn does not make this rescue attempt easy for him.  At every turn it appears as though Osborn is trying to give Spider-Man the slip.  Fed up with Norman’s undermining of their escape as well as his constant insults, Spider-Man corners Osborn and demands that he come clean with what he’s trying to do.  

Osborn concedes and takes Spider-Man to the lower levels of Ravencroft, specifically to Osborn’s old cell in the facility.

But things are not always what they seem and Osborn soon reveals that his old cell contains a secret lair directly adjacent to it.  Spider-Man asks Osborn to explain some of the maps he has involving Empire State University, but Norman quickly dismisses Peter's suspicions and tells him to focus on Ravencroft and the Sin Eater.  Fortunately,  Norman has a plan to stop Carter.  He wants to use one of the Ravencroft inmates to defeat the Sin Eater and his horde.  The inmate Osborn wants to use is Juggernaut…

However, when Norman goes to free Juggernaut from his cell he discovers that someone has already beaten him to the punch.  That someone, of course, is the Sin Eater who was able to manipulate Doctor Kafka (by laying his hands on her and essentially possessing her) into freeing the Juggernaut.  As the Juggernaut emerges from his cell, Carter blasts him with his shotgun…causing the massive mutant's powers to now belong to the Sin Eater!

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is furious at Osborn for even considering such a drastic move, believing that releasing the Juggernaut would cause more problems than it will solve.  But Norman counters with an ominous warning, stating that the Sin Eater is not the one manipulating events, but rather Kindred.  Spider-Man, who has come in contact with Kindred, demands that Osborn share what he knows about the mysterious villain.  Osborn explains that Kindred wants both of them dead and he’ll stop at nothing to do so.  Peter soon realizes an uncomfortable truth…that he and Norman are now in this together, forced into being allies.  One of the secret compartments inside Osborn’s hideout then opens, revealing his Goblin arsenal.

As a brief aside, it is worth noting that Kindred had paid Osborn a visit at his Ravencroft cell during the events of Absolute Carnage.  Despite believing himself to be Cletus Kassaday at that time, Norman's true persona emerged during his brief encounter with Kindred due to his recognition of Kindred’s voice.  Clearly at this point, Norman knows more about Kindred than he is letting on to Spider-Man.  To make matters more interesting, Kindred placed one of his centipedes into Osborn’s ear as the mysterious villain alluded to events that were to come.  Moreover, it was clear from Kindred's internal monologue in Amazing Spider-Man #838 (Vol. 6 #37) that this conversation with Norman rattled him.  In fact, Norman laughing at Kindred during Absolute Carnage is one of the events that led Kindred into kicking this plot against Spider-Man into high gear.  Clearly, the Norman, Kindred, Spider-Man triangle is integral in this attack from the Sin Eater and his master.

Returning back to the Sin Eater's attack on Peter and Norman...

While Osborn takes a dose of the Goblin Formula (more on that later) and dons his Goblin attire, Spider-Man takes the fight to the Sin Eater’s horde in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49).  

Soon after, the Green Goblin joins Spider-Man in the battle against the Sin Eater’s followers and he wastes no time in doling out some gruesome attacks.  Spidey tries to stop Norman from killing, telling his old foe that if they are going to work together, they are going to do it on his terms, which means no killing.  Before Peter can even utter those words from his mouth, Osborn let’s a pumpkin bomb loose into a crowd of the attackers.  A shocked Spider-Man witnesses the members of Sin Eater’s crew re-growing limbs!  It appears Spider-Man and the Green Goblin are battling the undead, the web-slinger realizes that this is not going to be a typical clash.

The Goblin and Spider-Man fight an endless attack from the raging Sin Eater followers and it appears they’re going to succumb to this mob, however, their attack suddenly ceases.  Norman and Peter soon find themselves face-to-face with Stanley Carter himself, massive in size as he’s taken the powers of the Juggernaut.  Norman attacks first, after insulting Peter’s bleeding heart, but is disposed of relatively quickly by the Sin Eater.  Spider-Man’s efforts to stop the Juggernaut are futile as well, so the two develop a new plan…make an escape.

Osborn tells Peter that there’s a dock and an underground waterway in the subbasement level of Ravencroft, and that they should be able to make their escape to the river from there.  After the Green Goblin sends one last batch of missiles toward the Juggernaut, the two make their run.  Unfortunately, they are not fast enough to escape the Juggernaut-Sin Eater, who eventually catches up to them and delivers a thorough beating.  Part of the reason for their struggle against the Sin Eater derives from the fact that they are not accustomed to fighting as allies, and their constant bickering does not help matters either.

When the Sin Eater has Osborn pinned to the ground and prepares to fire his shotgun point blank, Spider-Man uses his webbing to pull down the support structures, causing the entire subbasement to collapse on itself.  Thus preventing Carter from cleansing Osborn.

As Spider-Man lay buried in the rubble he hears a voice calling to him…it's the voice of the Green Goblin.  Norman reminds Peter of the first time they ‘met’ (a reference to the events of Amazing Spider-Man #39 and Amazing Spider-Man #40).  He tells Peter he always hated him because he rejected him back then, Osborn was seeking out a kindred spirit (in his “own twisted way”) since they both wore a mask and “played the joker while [they] danced in the night sky.”   Peter’s rejection back then hurt Osborn, but what also caused him pain was the fact that Peter then saved his life.  Osborn hated the fact that he lived in Peter’s debt for so long and in that moment, he lifts Spider-Man from the rubble and tells him to “consider that debt paid.”  Peter and Norman begin to make their way toward the underground waterway.  Once they reach the transport, Peter discovers more potentially disastrous plans from Osborn, this one involving a massive EMP pulse, but, once again, Peter focuses on the present…and escaping the Sin Eater. 

Unfortunately, the Sin Eater is once again able to catch up to the two of them, so Peter and Norman are left with no other choice but to battle him head on.  After their attempt to subdue the Juggernaut fails once again, Peter and Norman put their brains together and come up with a new plan.  To use Osborn’s EMP compression generator to liquify the ground below them.

Peter then confronts the Sin Eater and tries to reason with him, telling the Sin Eater that it was he who failed him.  And that Carter should cleanse him, not Norman.  The Sin Eater refuses, citing that it is not his will to be done, but someone else’s (the person he’s referring to is, of course, Kindred).  Spidey then tells Norman to initiate the compressor, he then tries to hold off the Sin Eater to give the compressor time to liquify the cement beneath them.  The plan works, almost too well, as Spider-Man and the Sin Eater both fall into the liquified cement. 

As Spidey struggles to free himself from the cement, he finds Osborn above him, aboard his Goblin Glider.  Spider-Man asks him for help, but Norman responds only with a creepy look.  Osborn then tells him that his debt has been paid as he prepares to leave Peter there to die.  Norman then goes on to say that although he’s massively disappointed that his killing of Spider-Man was not a public spectacle, he’ll find a way to live with that disappointment.  He then proceeds to push Peter’s head below the surface of the liquified cement.

Suddenly, the Ghost Spider (aka Gwen Stacy from an alternate dimension) swoops in and attacks Osborn.  Before Spider-Man knows it, the entire Order of the Web is there to bail him out against his turncoat ally, Norman Osborn.  They tell him that they arrived to save him from Osborn and that they were strongly considering the option of simply handing Osborn over to the Sin Eater.  With the Sin Eater neutralized for the time being, the group is left with the question of what to do with Osborn. 

Since the structural integrity of the subbasement was in question, the group decides to simply leave the facility and deal with Osborn later.  Inside the transport vessel, Osborn does his best to get under the skin of every Spider-person onboard.  He begins by approaching Gwen Stacy, commenting on how it is “intoxicating” to be in her presence.  After alluding to the fact that he would love to catch up with her, Osborn then tells Spider-Man that if he’s going to kill her, he’ll make sure that it is quick and painless.

Gwen is not intimidated at all by Osborn’s remarks, but his comments were clearly getting under Peter’s skin.  All the recent events begin to flash through Peter’s mind, for instance, all the secret plans that Osborn had buried deep beneath Ravencroft.  Peter is worried that by saving Osborn, he’ll end up harboring more guilt for whatever crimes he commits afterward.  Peter prepares to knock Norman's lights out after the Green Goblin's continual goading.  However, cooler heads prevail as he looks toward his Spider-allies.  Peter then opens the door of their transport and simply tosses Osborn out, leaving him to fend for himself.  Spider-Man and his friends then make their way to the river.

Back at Ravencroft, the Sin Eater emerges from his cement-prison whilst Kindred prepares to push his plan into high gear.

After Spider-Man and his Spider-allies speed off, Norman finds himself alone and knee deep in water at the beginning of Amazing Spider-Man #851 (Vol. 6 #50).  Unfortunately for the original Green Goblin, he does not remain alone for long…the Sin Eater catches up to him.  Now, without the aid of Spider-Man and his friends, Norman is vulnerable.  Osborn attempts to outrun the Sin Eater but that proves useless, he then resorts to insulting the Sin Eater’s master, Kindred.  Osborn alludes to an intimate connection with Kindred, much in line with what occurred in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #31

As one final resort, Osborn tries to form an alliance with the Sin Eater as he explains that he does not want to be rid of his Goblin persona but rather to overcome it.  On his knees with his hands folded and pleading for Carter’s mercy, Osborn struggles to keep the farce going as he suddenly breaks out into laughter.  A hysterically laughing Norman then confesses that Carter “got [him]” and he then goads the Sin Eater into killing the Goblin.  Carter obliges, pulling the trigger on his sawed-off shotgun, leaving Osborn lifeless on the ground with a massive bullet hole in his chest.

The Sin Eater then calls to his master, Kindred, telling him that he’s completed his mission.  Unfortunately for Stanley Carter, things do not play out as he had anticipated.  The Sin Eater suddenly finds himself in the presence of Kindred who, now that Carter has played his part in his master plan, unleashes all the sins from those whom he had cleansed upon him in the form of vaporous demons.  A frightened and confused Stanley Carter then disappears from Kindred’s sight as he falls into an eternal abyss engulfed by these demons.

Soon after, Norman suddenly wakes, knee-deep in the water below Ravencroft where Stanley Carter had left him.  Doctor Kafka and the rest of the security staff at Ravencroft converge on Osborn, they had been looking for him since the attack by the Sin Eater and his mob.  However, the Osborn they come across is not the same one they lost.  Osborn, like all the others cleansed by the Sin Eater, is contrite and penitent as he encourages Kafka and the others to save themselves because he does not deserve their help.  Kafka can’t disagree after discovering all the secret machinations that Osborn had been building underneath Ravencroft.

After Kafka tells Osborn that the Sin Eater has disappeared, leaving his followers behind, Norman swells with terror.  He pleads with Kafka to help him find the Sin Eater because the man behind him, Kindred, is far worse.  Osborn even takes it a step further claiming responsibility for Kindred as he unveils the villain’s secret identity to Kafka…Kindred is his son, Harry Osborn!

In Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #50.LR, Doctor Kafka digs deeper into Osborn’s claims back in her offices at Ravencroft.  Overwhelmed by guilt, Norman takes the blame for everything that has happened to this point.  A skeptical Kafka does not believe Norman at first, as she debates whether or not she should report Osborn’s underground operations to the authorities.  However, she’s concerned about Osborn’s claims that many lives are at risks, so she proceeds to hear him out.  Norman reasserts that it is Harry behind the mask of Kindred and that Norman’s abuse and betrayal of his son over the years is what has led Harry to take on this maniacal persona. 

Norman adds that he is certain about what his son plans to do and that he would give his own life to stop it from happening.  However, since Harry hates his father so much, Norman’s life would not be enough to stop him.  An oddly nostalgic and guilt-ridden Norman then claims that he just wants to “…hold him again.  I just want my little boy…but he’s so far gone now…”

After hearing Norman’s dilemma, Kafka makes a suggestion.  Since Harry will not listen to his own father, perhaps Norman could identify an intermediary, whom Harry trusts, that could help “negotiate” through all the “history and hurt.”  Kafka asks Norman if there is anyone out there that Harry trusts and that he may listen to.  The story then shifts to an arrival at an airport, Mary Jane Watson is back in town…

MJ takes a taxi from the airport after returning to New York City on a promotional tour for the movie she’d been filming in Hollywood in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #51.LR.  The cab ride is brief however, when a car is tossed toward her cab leading to a gruesome head-on collision.  All the ruckus in Manhattan was caused by Kindred’s unleashing of the Sin Eater’s collective sins upon Spider-Man’s allies.  This resulted in Silk, Ghost Spider and the other members of the Order of the Web becoming demonic versions of themselves who are now dead-set on destroying New York City.

As MJ returns to consciousness, trapped underneath the over-turned cab, she finds help being offered to her from the most unexpected place…Norman Osborn!  Norman reaches out his hand to save her from the wreckage and the shocked MJ is too weak to resist, she eventually passes out. 

MJ suddenly awakes inside Doctor Ashley Kafka’s offices at Ravencroft where see finds herself face-to-face with Norman Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #52.LR.  Osborn assures her that she is in safe hands now, but, as expected, MJ doesn’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth.  She grabs the closest thing she could find, a lamp, and attacks him with it.  As she attempts to dart off, Norman tells her that Peter is in grave danger because of Harry.  MJ doesn't believe him and accuses Osborn of lying.  However, Dr. Kafka confirms Osborn’s assertations that he’s been cleansed by the Sin Eater.  MJ remains skeptical and reluctantly listens to Osborn and Kafka’s pleas to save Peter from Harry.  Norman appeals to the eerie sense of danger that she (and Peter) had been experiencing for some time now and that this lingering threat seems more dangerous than usual.  Osborn goes on to say that MJ is the only person who can save Peter at this point.

Peter becomes painfully aware of Kindred’s secret identity in Amazing Spider-Man #854 (Vol. 6 #53), as Harry unmasks in front of his long-time friend.  However, in Amazing Spider-Man #855 (Vol. 6 #54), Harry’s plan remains a bit of a mystery as he tells Peter that he wants to teach him about the nature of sin.  He does make one thing clear to Peter though, that MJ is in danger…

Mary Jane eventually agrees to work with Norman to stop Harry’s attack on Peter.  In Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #54.LR, she rides alongside Norman to the cemetery where he claims she’ll find Kindred.  According to Norman, this cemetery is where the Osborn family has been buried over the years.  MJ makes it clear to Norman that she’s doing this for Harry and Peter and that she most certainly does not forgive Norman for anything, despite his apparent change in behavior.  She knows the Goblin is his true nature, Osborn says nothing and simply absorbs her remarks.  He then equips MJ with a two-way earpiece and sends her into the cemetery.  Kindred and Spider-Man watch as MJ makes her way through the cemetery.  Harry tells Peter how happy they will all be when they are all together again, it is as if Kindred’s plan is working perfectly.

Soon after, however, a wrinkle begins to present itself.  It appears as though Norman had been feigning his contrite and repentant demeanor.  As Osborn stays behind in his limousine, he’s soon joined by the Kingpin.  Norman begins to act in his typical maniacal fashion as he reveals to Fisk that he’s using MJ as a trap to ensnare his son.  After expressing little care as to what happens to MJ once she’s confronted by Kindred, he tells Fisk that he gets Harry first.  Fisk complies, but only on the condition that he gets to finish Harry off…

By the time MJ makes it inside the mausoleum in Amazing Spider-Man #856 (Vol. 6 #55), Kindred has gathered together (and restrained) Spider-Man as well as the entire Order of the Web.

Peter tries to warn MJ to stay away, he even breaks through his restraints and attacks Kindred in an effort to stop him.  But his effort is futile, as Kindred quickly subdues Peter once again.  Having seen enough, MJ agrees to participate in Harry's "dinner party."  Meanwhile, Norman, using the two-way earpiece, tells Fisk that MJ is inside the mausoleum.  

Eventually MJ, Peter, Kindred and the others are gathered around a dinner table as Harry reminisces about his shared history with Peter.  In his own roundabout way, Harry blames Peter for MJ leaving him when they were in college and for his father's continual relapses into the Green Goblin.  Through a fascinating bit of logic, Harry dumps the blame onto Peter since he helped keep Norman's alter ego a secret in those early days (the events Harry and Peter discuss are covered here, here and here).  A secret that only Peter knew (because of Norman's amnesia between Goblin episodes).  Harry claims that they may have been able to get Norman help if Peter had not withheld that information from him.  

Harry's rationale starts to get to Peter as he struggles to explain his actions all those years ago to his now villainous friend.  Meanwhile, after listening in to the discussion from the cemetery grounds, Norman Osborn, garbed in his Green Goblin attire, decides it is time to enter the mausoleum.  

As Kindred starts to attack the Order of the Web in an effort to "end this, " Peter calls out Harry for the nonsensical nature of his attack.  Peter claims that the Harry he knew "moved past all this [history]."  Peter then demands that Harry tell him what he really wants Peter to confess to.  Harry then loses control and blames Peter for turning him into Kindred, he then attacks Peter.  MJ intervenes and reminds Harry about the time he told her that he would never hurt her (back in Spectacular Spider-Man #200).   This appears to calm Harry down.  

MJ then takes it a step further as she encourages Harry to kill her instead, stating that nothing would teach Peter a lesson quite like losing her.  Kindred grabs MJ by the neck and, albeit reluctantly, and prepares to kill her.  

MJ makes Harry promise that the death and suffering will end with her and that Harry should spare the others because of her sacrifice.  Just at that moment, Norman enters the room and he tells MJ that Harry can't end this because "it's not his choice to make."  He then tells Harry, "that's enough fun for now. boy."  Norman then proceeds to insult his son calling him a coward and a product of too much coddling.

A confused Harry Osborn resists his father wondering why Norman would intervene on behalf of a group of people that he hates.  Norman's response is simple, "I care because...they're mine!!!"  Norman then tosses a pumpkin bomb at MJ, leading to an explosion that sends MJ flying through the air nearly killing her.  

Furious at his father for ruining his diabolical plan, Kindred and the Green Goblin square off in battle.  Peter rushes to help MJ, who tells him that "it's gonna be me."  Whilst fighting his son, Norman radios back to Kingpin to begin his attack on Spider-Man and the others.  Suddenly, the walls of the mausoleum begin to collapse upon everyone inside as bodies fly everywhere in the chaos.  Kindred then mutters to himself, "The darkness..."  

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After recalling his last conversation with Norman Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man #831 -832 (Vol. 6 #30-31), Kindred decides to kick his plot against Spider-Man into high gear, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #838 (Vol. 6 #37)

After a veiled threat is issued to Norah Winters, Norman grants her access to the Ravencroft facility for her reporting, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #847 (Vol. 6 #46)

Norman Osborn refuses to evacuate Ravencroft despite his security guards recommendation, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #849 (Vol. 6 #48)

Just as Osborn was about to succumb to the Sin Eater's mob of followers, Spider-Man swoops in to save his long-time enemy, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #849 (Vol. 6 #48)

Osborn resents Spider-Man's help and claims that Ravencroft could withstand the Sin Eater's attack, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn

From his secret hideout beneath Ravencroft, Osborn attempts to unleash the Juggernaut...unfortunately, the Sin Eater was one step ahead of him, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin suddenly find themselves confronted by the Sin Eater with the powers of the Juggernaut, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Left with no other options, Peter saves the Green Goblin then causes the entire subbasement to collapse on the Sin Eater, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Whilst pulling the rubble off of Spider-Man, Norman explains that he has always hated him because after one of their early encounters, Peter saved his life after he defeated him, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Norman repays his 'debt' to Peter and carries him to safety whilst the Sin Eater remains in pursuit, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Spider-Man finds all kinds of schemes and devices within Osborn's secret hideout below Ravencroft, unfortunately he's forced to worry about the task at hand, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Spider-Man's alliance with the Green Goblin dissolves as quickly as it formed, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

The Ghost Spider swoops in just as Osborn was about to drown Spider-Man in the liquified cement, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Osborn spots the Ghost Spider, knowing that she is a 'Gwen Stacy' from another universe, and attempts to intimidate her, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (Vol. 6 #49)

Norman goads the Sin Eater into "cleansing" him, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #851 (Vol. 6 #50)

The Sin Eater blasts Norman Osborn with his sawed-off shotgun...cleansing him in the process, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #851 (Vol. 6 #50)

Dr. Ashley Kafka recommends that Norman find an intermediary to help him reason with his son Harry (aka Kindred), as seen in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #50.LR

After MJ is in a car accident (caused by the demonic versions of the Order of the Web), Norman Osborn is there to save her, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #51.LR

Unable to believe Norman could be there to help, MJ attacks him and tries to escape, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #52.LR

In the car ride over to the cemetery, MJ gives Osborn an earful about how she feels about him, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #54.LR

Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn confirm their alliance and their plan of attack against Harry Osborn, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #54.LR

As Harry plot against Peter and MJ unfolds, Norman makes his way into the mausoleum to disrupt his son's plan, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #856 (Vol. 6) #55

 Norman confronts Harry and after tossing a few insults his way, Norman tosses a pumpkin bomb at MJ, nearly killing her, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #856 (Vol. 6) #55

Norman's move against MJ was not a part of Harry's plan, so the furious Kindred turns his ire toward his interloping father Norman, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #856 (Vol. 6) #55