Norman Osborn's Family Tree

We all know that family is incredibly important to Norman Osborn.  Who better to corrupt than your own flesh and blood, right?  What follows is a complete list of all the blood relatives and in-laws of Norman Osborn.

Great Grandfather -- Alton Osborn

Father -- Amberson (Ambrose) Osborn
Amberson depicted without a mustache smacking Norman's mom

Amberson depicted with a mustache smacking Norman

Mother -- name unknown

Wife (deceased), Mother of Harry Osborn -- Emily (Lyman) Osborn 

A different look for Emily, shorter hair and blue eyes

Mother of Norman's twin children Sarah and Gabriel -- Gwen Stacy

Son, Father of Normie Osborn -- Harry (Osborn) Lyman

Harry took on the mantle of the Green Goblin as well as briefly embracing the role as the American Son

Daughter, Twin Sister of Gabriel -- Sarah Stacy

Son, Twin Brother of Sarah -- Gabriel Stacy

Gabriel briefly took on the mantle of the Grey Goblin...

as well as the second American Son

Ex-Daughter-in-Law, Mother of Normie Osborn -- Elizabeth (Liz) Allan 

Ex-Girlfriend of Harry, and Mother of Stanley Osborn -- Lily Hollister

Grandson -- Normie Osborn 

Grandson -- Stanley Osborn