Osborn's chest scar

The Goblin Glider may not have killed Norman Osborn, but it definitely left one hell of a mark on the ol' Goblin's chest.  Perhaps one should expect that when a word-sound like 'CHUNK!' is used to describe the impact!  

This page is a quick recap of the infamous scar left behind by the glider's impalement.  We'll see that the visual depiction of that scar has changed over the years...so let's get started!

When Norman Osborn burst (like his shirt below) back on the scene after his return from European exile, Peter Parker was in total disbelief that the original Green Goblin had found a way to evade death.  In Peter Parker Spider-Man #75, Norman used his chest scar to lay more convincing evidence upon Peter that this was the return of the one true Goblin.  John Romita Jr.'s depiction of the scar made it seem almost like a Y-incision, the result of a relatively clean cut left by the sharp edges of the glider.

However, in the Spider-Man: The Osborn Journals (which was released shortly after), Osborn's chest scar looked more like a deformity, similar to burn scar...almost wormy in nature.
I suppose we can rationalize the discrepancy between the two books by saying that the panel from Spider-Man: The Osborn Journals occurred immediately after Osborn 'died.'  Yet the story in Peter Parker Spider-Man #75 took place 7 years after his 'death.'  Perhaps the scar changed/healed more over time??  I'll be the first to admit that that theory is a bit of a reach... 

Moving on, we see Ron Frenz's portrayal in line with Romita's when he pencilled Revenge of the Green Goblin #3 and stuck with the t-shaped scar.  It shouldn't be surprising because the Revenge of the Green Goblin mini series is pretty much the gold standard of continuity adherence.  

Frenz gets points for consistency for his nearly identical depiction of Osborn's chest scar in Superior Team Spider-Man #12, which featured the dysfunctional alliance between Norman and Doc Ock.  This story, in Marvel Universe chronology, technically occurs  before the events of Revenge of the Goblin #3.  Either way, it's nice to the symmetry between the two stories.

Not much is seen of Osborn's scar for a while after Revenge of the Green Goblin #3, which is a good thing because that meant Norman was keeping his clothes on whilst on-panel.  In fact, the next time the scar became relevant was when it was missing from Deodato's depiction of Osborn in Thunderbolts #120.  Certainly it could not have healed by then, could it?  If it had not healed the whole time he was in exile, why would it suddenly have healed a few years later.  This has continuity flub 101 written all over it.  

Yet Deodato's scar-less Osborn was not a fluke either, he did the same thing when he portrayed a (once again) nude Osborn in Dark Avengers #11.   Had we seen the last of the glider-induced scar?  That ever-present reminder of the fateful events that took place back in Amazing Spider-Man #121-122?

Thankfully the answer to that question is no and when Humberto Ramos pencilled Superior Spider-Man #26, we saw the return of Osborn's notorious scar!  It's funny to once again see Norman use the scar as a means of verifying his identity; in this case it was to the Hobgoblin.  Nevertheless Osborn using the scar as a passport of sorts is kind of cool if you ask me.  In retrospect, we know that Slott used that storytelling technique because he did not want the reader to know that Norman was disguised as Mason Banks underneath his mask.  Confused?  see here.  
The interesting thing is that Ramos' interpretation of the scar is much more of depression in the chest cavity, no longer the clean-looking t-shaped scar that Romita Jr. and Frenz had illustrated.  It looks like the crater left behind from an asteroid impact, the result of a blunt-object ramming into his chest.  This really is an ever-changing scar!  It would be easy to point the continuity flub-finger at Ramos/et al for not using the t-shaped scar, but I'm not doing that.  I'm giving props to Ramos, Slott and the rest of the creative team for bringing the scar back and using it to add even more drama and suspense to the Goblin Nation story arc!

That's all for now folks and if original Green Goblin's scar once again resurfaces, it will make its way to this page!