Morris Maxwell

Morris Maxwell is undoubtedly one of the more mysterious participants from the Gathering of Five.  Maxwell was first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #440 as the owner of a pawn shop in Greenwich Villlage as well as an advisor/confidante of Norman Osborn.  During his coversations with Osborn it seemed as though Morris had a very strong understanding of the Gathering of Five ritual, although it is unclear how he had attained that information.  It is also unclear how he became an associate of Norman Osborn.   Immediately following the ritual in Amazing Spider-Man #441, it appeared as if Maxwell had recieved the gift of madness as he collapsed to ground and began foaming at the mouth.  But that was not the case, for it was revealed in Peter Parker Spider-Man #98 that Norman had actually recieved that gift and instead Maxwell had recieved the gift of knowledge. 
In Peter Parker Spider-Man V2 #3, the villain Dolman arrives to reclaim the spindle from the Gathering of Five ritual.  He claims the spindle was stolen from him by "agents of Norman Osborn", and Maxwell is then taken hostage by Dolman in an attempt to reclaim the lost shard.  

Maxwell is eventually saved by Spider-Man and Iceman as Dolman and Shadrac merge into one being.  Interestingly, Spider-Man clearly meets Morris for the first time in this story, but appears to have not met him when they "meet" again in Spider-Woman V3 #9
Morris remains off-radar for some time but is soon sought out by Martha "Mattie" Franklin (now operating as Spider-Woman III) after she haults a bank robbery aimed at stealing the shards from the ritual in Spider-Woman V3 #4.  Morris tells Mattie that his shard was in that bank, even though Madame Web had encouraged all the participants to destroy their shard after the ritual. 
In Spider-Woman V3 #6, Morris reveals one of the tricks to his gift, that is, even though he now "knows everything" in order to attain the appropriate information from him, you must ask him the "right question".  This facet of his powers leaves the users in difficult situations because his answers to their questions become more riddle-like rather than straightforward responses.  Also, whenever Maxwell is in the process of retrieving the answers to the posed questions, his body goes into convulsions as he collapses to ground foaming from his mouth and eyes.  He then enters a trance-like state as he utters his "answers".
Maxwell makes his last known appearance in the Spiderverse in Spider-Woman V3 #9, as he aids Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Madame Web and Jessica Drew in stopping Doc Ock's creation, the Evil Spider-Woman.  To date, Maxwell has not been seen and his current whereabouts are unknown. 

Mattie seeks out Morris at his pawn shop, as seen in Spider-Woman V3 #4 

Maxwell is asked a question by Mattie and immediately goes into convulsions before divulging the "answer", as seen in Spider-Woman V3 #6