Dark Reign: Jack O'Lantern

Jack O'Lantern
Featured in:  Dark Reign Made Men
Nature of Conflict:
Jack O'Lantern is one of those villainous identities that many criminals have used, and no one is ever sure who is behind the mask each time he pops up.  The murderous brother of a former Jack O'Lantern (its not clear which one), was freed from police custody by Norman Osborn.  This criminal claimed that he made a deal with the devil that allowed him to become the Jack O'Lantern at will.  Osborn freed him so that at some point in the future this new Jack O'Lantern would work for him.  Jack O'Lantern was thankful for his freedom and obliged Norman's request.

Resolution of Conflict:
This is the last the Jack O'Lantern is seen during Osborn's tenure at H.A.M.M.E.R., so he may not have ever made Jack pay retribution for being freed.  Perhaps, when Osborn leaves incarceration he'll cash in on this favor...

Highlights/Interesting Facts:
Nothing too spectacular here except that Norman's list of allies was quite large at the onset of his Dark Reign...

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