Dark Reign: Gamma Corps

Gamma Corps
Featured in:  Dark Reign Made Men
Nature of Conflict:
The Gamma Corps, a group of soldiers of consisting of Prodigy, Mess, Griffin, Mister Gideon, and Grey, found themselves once again fugitives hiding from the law.  Norman Osborn decided to pay them a visit and offer them a chance at redemption.  The Gamma Corps did not believe him at first, but after they were given a pardon and offered legitimate jobs they did believe.  Osborn's rationale for hiring the Gamma Corps was simple, he turned them into his own personal black ops unit.

Resolution of Conflict:
Not much here, the Gamma Corps was not seen or heard from again after Norman made them this offer...was that because they were black ops or because they were just plain-old forgotten?  Who knows, but at the end of the day Norman legitimized their operation so I'm positive he'll be collecting retribution for that favor at some point when he eventually leaves incarceration.

Highlights/Interesting Facts:
The Gamma Corps was able to hold their own against Norman when he arrived as the Iron Patriot.  I wonder how that meeting would have gone had Osborn arrived on hostile terms...

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