Captain Marvel (Noh-Varr)

When Norman found Noh-Varr he was in seclusion at the closed maximum security penitentiary known as The Cube.  Norman requested that he join his team and become the Skrull-hating new Captain Marvel that he was meant to be.  Noh-Varr accepted Osborn's request.  

Rap Sheet:
1.  Helped Osborn and the Avengers defeat Morgana Le Fay's onslaught of demons in Dark Avengers #3-4
2.  Neutralized the new She-Hulk Lyra, allowing Osborn to take her into custody in All New Savage She-Hulk #3
3.  Worked against Osborn to prevent the latter from obtaining the secret facility known as The World in Dark Reign The List: Wolverine

Fate as one of Osborn's Avengers:
After Karla Sofen (aka Moonstone aka Ms. Marvel) seduced Noh-Varr, she made an offhand remark about how Norman had staffed his Avengers with 'psychotic criminals and murderers'.  The naive Noh-Varr was stunned and decided to break his allegiance with Norman.  Noh-Varr goes off radar for an extended period of time before Osborn decided to send The Sentry to obtain him.  Noh-Varr was able to out-maneuver The Sentry (with a little help from a female companion who shot The Sentry out of the sky with Noh-Varr's gun) and he altered his identity to become the hero known as The Protector.